Zubis: Dip Queso And Salsa Org, 8 Oz

$ 12.34
ZUBI'S Queso is the first plant-based cheese dip in the world to utilize sweet peppersas its base. This delicious, nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free dip is produced in small batches at the ZUBI'S Farm, our facility that is powered by a solar panel field and relies on organic processes to ensure and maintain the most sustainable, zero-waste practices in the industry. Our -ingredient bold flavor, creamy, velvet-like creation is made entirely from only the freshest vegetables and simple, clean ingredients. The taste is truly loved by kids and adults from all walks of life -- from our founder's immigrant family of 80 years of age to the healthy moms, dads, and families to all those who are faced with allergen sensitivities. ZUBI’S is truly for everyone.

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