Urban Accents: Santa Fe Bbq Dryglaze Seasoning, 2 Oz

$ 6.12
Urban Accents Santa Fe BBQ Dryglaze seasoning blend combines the sweet heat BBQ flavor of honey and smoky chipotle together with traditional BBQ flavors of garlic and onion powder, sea salt and oregano.  Delicious on pork, seafood and chicken.  HOW TO USE… Rub 2-3 pounds of meat or seafood with oil and place in a resealable bag.Empty packet of Santa Fe BBQ DRYGLAZE spice blend into bag.Seal bag and gently shake for even coating.Let set for 30 minutes to create a beautiful glaze.For grilling: Use indirect heat.For roasting: Cover with foil and roast as usual. Remove foil halfway through cooking to brown.

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