The Vermillion Earrings #1

$ 32.99

Handcrafted Jewelry from District 31

The Vermillion Earrings #1 by District 31 are handmade out of all-natural materials. All pieces are unique due to the variations in wood grains and the human touch of the crafting process.

Living Art

The Vermillion Earrings #1 are made according to the values of District 31, which aims to reflect the beauty and mystery of nature in miniature wearable forms of art. District 31 was founded by a master woodworker. The jewelry becomes part of wearers' lives, just as we are all part of the natural world around us.

Product Details

Each earring is 1.5 inches long and half an inch wide. The shapes of two intersecting diamonds hang from sterling silver wire hooks. The deep red color draws the eye to the undulating wood grains and, in the middle, the smooth point of overlapping between the shapes.

District 31

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