The Lonely Olive Tree: Oil Olive Xtra Vrgn Org, 750 Ml

$ 38.41
Kallianis olive groves peak at the highest elevation in the mountains of Sparta, Greece. The high altitude offers ideal growing conditions for superior quality organic extra virgin olive oil. All of our family’s olives are picked by hand in the early winter crop season when the fruit is not fully mature and ripe. For generations, our family has produced a unique natural style of organic extra virgin olive oil called agourelaio meaning “unripe green olive oil.” In 1910, the Kallianis olive groves were nearly destroyed by a historic frost. Our oldest surviving olive tree stood on top of the mountain grove Monahi Elia or in English, Lonely Olive Tree. This last standing olive tree was grafted and replanted throughout the groves in the village of Kastori, Laconia. Our family is proud to offer you our first cold pressed organic extra virgin olive oil from the northeast territory of Mount Taygetus.

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