The Chakte Kok Earrings

$ 25.00

Handcrafted Jewelry from District 31

The Chakte Kok Earrings by District 31 are handmade out of all-natural materials. All pieces are unique due to the variations in wood grains and the human touch of the crafting process.

Living Art

The Chakte Kok Earrings are beautiful enough to cap off almost any ensemble. The thin slice of Brazilian Redheart is sleek and subtle yet elegant. The earrings geometric design feature Stainless Steel pins through the thickness. Finished with an oil and wax finish to bring out the brilliant reds, as well as protect.

Product Details

Measuring approx 1.5 in long and .4in wide, they hang on sterling silver ear wires. The Chakte Kok Earrings are a piece of jewelry that is sure to fit any jewelry box no matter the wearer's style. 


District 31

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