Sweetleaf Stevia: Syrup Stevia Butter Pecan, 12 Oz

$ 10.91
Now you can enjoy syrup without worrying about added sugars! Savor the syrupy sweetness that comes from stevia and monk fruit in our SweetLeaf® Stevia Sugar-Free Syrups. The cultured dextrose used in our syrups is a preservative/food additive that is a natural shelf-life extender produced using a unique controlled process of dextrose. Cultured dextrose doesn’t affect the taste of our products. It is a clean-label, FDA-approved ingredient; doesn’t affect blood sugar and isn’t a sugar. Start your morning on a sweet note with the rich, nutty and satisfying taste of butter pecan. Our SweetLeaf® Stevia Sugar-Free Syrup in Butter Pecan will elevate your breakfast and desserts with only 70 calories per serving.  

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