St Michel French Mini Madeleine (12x6.17 Oz)

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Been struggling to find the perfect madeleine _ or even worse, bake one? St MichelÍs Original Mini Madeleines are petite French cakes with a big flavor! TheyÍre light, airy, moist and just the way a madeleine should be, itÍs easy to see why theyÍve been popular in France and abroad for years. Baked in Normandy with locally sourced ingredients, each year thousands upon thousands of these are dispatched all over the world. Finally, you donÍt have to be a Michelin Star chef to have the perfect madeleine anytime, anywhere. Made with wheat flour, sugar, fresh eggs and other great ingredients that give you a true taste of France. Made in France. Imported. Available in Individually Wrapped and Chocolate Chip varieties!

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