Seafare Pacific Smoked Sockeye Salmon (12x3 Oz)

$ 78.44
Sea Fare Pacific offers albacore tuna with sea salt in a BPA-free, earth-friendly pouch. This tuna is wild caught off the US Pacific West Coast from certified sustainable fisheries. The fish are pole or troll caught by fishermen off the Southern Oregon Coast then hand-processed at ice cold temperatures and packaged in our facility in Coos Bay, OR. The tuna is cooked only once in the pouch, unlike most commercial brands of tuna that have cooked their tuna more than once. Sea Fare Pacific is an all natural product, free of any added water, fillers or preservatives. Out of the wild waters of AlaskaÍs Pacific shore comes one of the healthiest foods for your brain and heart: Red Sockeye Salmon. Full of protein and fish oils, this pouch of cold-smoked Salmon is not only a tasty source of nourishment, it is also a convenient snack when youÍre on the go.

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