$ 20.00

Weight: 1-2 lbs each

Height: up to 3″ each


UL tested Dimmer cord,  15 watt bulb, and care instructions included.


Our tea light holders are a fantastic way to decorate a small space, while providing the same healing benefits that are common to all our Himalayan salt products. Enjoy the soothing, soft glow of our two salt tea light holders, while the negative ions are released, which rejuvenate the body while calming the mind.

Just like all salt products, these small tea light holders are hand-carved at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains by skilled artisans working from untouched, raw salt crystal formations from an ancient, majestic seabed. These products, as with all our products, represent the highest quality in international fair trade agreements.

These tea lights create a soft, warm ambiance, while improving breathing, focusing the mind, and providing a deeper, more restful night’s sleep.


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