Newman's Own Organics Microwave Butter Pop's Corn (12x3x3.3 Oz)

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Enjoy Newman s Own Organics Microwave Butter Pop's Corn (12x3x3.3 Oz). Pop's corn with natural butter flavor. No partially hydrogenated shortening. No trans fatty acids. Organic corn & organic oil! Organic Palm Oil: Is not hydrogenated; Contains no trans-fatty acids; Is lower in saturated fat than butter and has no cholesterol; Is widely used in Europe as an alternative to partially hydrogenated oils; Is extracted from the palm's fruit not the palm's kernel; Can be grown organically in tropical regions. Of the three tropical oils, palm oil is 50% saturated while palm kernel oil is 86% saturated, and coconut oil is 92% saturated. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Made in USA. (Note: description is informational only. Please read product label prior to use and consult your health professional with any question prior to use.

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