Nousaku Gold Foil Sake Cup

$ 87.50

This is a 100% fisherman made in Takaoka. It is cast by the traditional method of raw casting, and the most of the process is done manually. It is said that it tastes delicious when drinking sake with tin liquor and is very popular. The design is simple and beautiful. The gold leaf is decorated inside, so it will be an excellent item for the seats and gifts. Please use it for daily dinner or gift. Do you taste the sum of the gold foil? Product specifications - product specifications - size of 6.6 cm * 4.5 h (CM) capacity of about 70 ml (large capacity of about 85 ml) 100% of this material tin 100% and gold leaf maker Co., available in Please. Please use the baking soda when the gloss becomes dull. Please do not place near fire because low melting point. Cannot be used in microwave oven. Dishwasher and dryer cannot be used. Please do not rub with wrinkles. Please do not put it into the freezer because it may cause a change in the temperature of the tin. In addition, please refrain from storing long time in refrigerator. * the shape and color of the box may change. * the color of the image may be different from the actual one by the browser and the setting. Please understand beforehand.

Estimated delivery time: 7-20 days

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