Mrs Thinsters: Cookie Thins Brownie Batter, 4 Oz

$ 5.37
The night before my son’s 6th grade bake sale, I decided to bake a tray of my famous fudgy brownies. I began my usual preparations by laying out premium NON-GMO ingredients; flour, cane sugar, eggs, butter, cocoa and the most delicious dark chocolate morsels. At the last minute (of course!), my son tells me that our neighbor is already baking brownies. What to do? I changed the recipe and used teaspoons to make thin, crispy, deliciously crunchy cookies™!! Wouldn’t you know, these cookies were the hit at the bake sale! Now, I can share my newest Brownie Batter Cookie Thins with all my amazing Mrs. Thinster ™ fans.

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