Manitou: Spice Zahtar Middle East, 1.5 Oz

$ 7.44
Zahtar, or "Za'atar," is a centuries-old spice blend that is traditional throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Bright, tart sumac and nutty sesame seeds accent the earthy, herbal flavors of thyme and oregano, making it a multi-dimensional seasoning with a variety of applications. Virtually every country in the region has its own Zahtar variant, either emphasizing a specific ingredient or adding additional ones, and family Zahtar recipes are often closely guarded secrets and points of pride. In Jordan, Zahtar tends to contain more sumac, while in Lebanon it sometimes contains dried orange zest. Israeli Zahtar often includes dried dill. Our blend, however, combines the most popular ingredients that are frequently found in Zahtar blends.

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