Maille: Old Style Whole Grain Dijon Mustard, 7.3 Oz

$ 6.07
Maille Classic Dijon Old Style mustard is characterised by its grainy texture and powerful punch. A hint of Hazelnut, the tender crunch of the mustard seeds, and its spicy intense flavors transport us to the heart of Burgundy. It gives a whole new dimension to a host of dishes, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Perfect with a leg of lamb or pork chops, completes the pallete of flavors in a marinade or sauce, and instantly gives kick to a homely plate of cheese on toast.Maille Old Style won the Gold Medal for the best grainy mustard at the 2012 World-wide Mustard Competition.For a premium version of this classic Dijon mustard, see our Wholegrain Mustard with Chardonnay white wine freshly served from the pump.

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