Bullet Train Express

$ 52.43

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!

All aboard the fastest, most exciting mode of transportation on the planet! You're the conductor, so snap together all three bullet train cars using the power of magnets, then speedily glide it down the tracks!

Fits all Major wooden train play systems. Our bullet trains are made with natural wood and water-based, safe paints. Your child will develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and their imagination as they move the train around their tracks, carpet rug mats, or the floor.

Bullet Points!

• Reaching up to 374 mph, bullet trains are some of the fastest trains in the world

• Uses magnetic levitation (Maglev) to suspend, guide, and move trains with repulsing magnets

• Their Maglev design makes these trains almost impossible to derail, and extremely quiet!

Why You'll Love It:

This train brings excitement to any traditional wooden train sets as bullet trains are one of the fastest modes of transportation of today. Instead of the usual trains, you get a fully magnetic, three-car bullet train that your child will love to zoom around their playmats with. Mix it in with other train sets and it'll be the fastest on the track!

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