Professor Poplar's Farm Friends Texture Puzzle

$ 41.17


My name's Professor Poplar, welcome to my friendly farm! Here you'll meet Peggy Pig, Carl Cow, and many others! Lift up each puzzle piece to pet the animal fur underneath. Feel the cow's furry coat, or the fuzzy mane of the sheep; it's just like being on a real life farm. Different textures and shapes indulge a child's natural curiosity while entertaining those little hands. Includes four unique farm animal puzzle pieces and a wooden inset frame with various textures. Made with cuts of natural wood and finished with safe, water-based paints.

Why You'll Love It

Parents will love seeing their children engage with this puzzle toy that engages with their need to feel. You won't find another toy that feeds their senses quite like this one! Be sure to check out all our other Imagination Generation playsets to pique your child's interest.

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