My First Tambourine

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Get Ready for Rhythm!

What's that sound? Can you hear the tapping and ringing? It's a tambourine! Hit the top to make a sound and give it a good shake! Play loud, play soft. Play fast, play slow. Let's try to match the beat of songs, nursery rhymes, and poems.

It's never too early to expose your children to playing an instrument! Teach them rhythms at an early age and watch as they grow into little musicians right before your eyes. Play music and have them match the rhythms and don't forget to encourage them to sing along! My First Tambourine is an excellent introduction to the world of music and is a fun way for your child to practice self-expression.

Why You'll Love It

At just 4.75", this mini tambourine is perfect for small hands. Its small silver bells limit the amount of noise to cute jingle-jangling sounds. This tambourine develops fine motor skills and jump starts musical concepts such as rhythm, dynamics, and tempo. Made with natural cuts of wood and finished with water-based, safe paints.

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