Espresso Express Coffee Maker Playset

$ 63.91

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Here at Espresso Express we strive to inspire each customer with each fresh cup of our delicious beverages. Can you make the perfect cup of espresso? Better yet, put an apron on and help us serve our customers, we are busy, busy!

The Perfect Brew Includes Everything for One or Two

2 Mugs

2 Coffee Pods

1 Straight Handle Portafilter

1 Espresso Machine

1 Cream

1 Sugar

Why You'll Love It:

Each espresso maker comes with two Espresso Express mugs, one straight handle portafilter, coffee, cream and sugar. This wooden set is great for inspiring social skills through role-play and sharing, and jumpstarts fine motor skills through pouring and stirring. Your child will start each day with their espresso maker just like you!

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