Little Professionals Wooden Character Set

$ 43.20

These 15 Little Professionals are ready to embark on exciting career paths! From artist to chef to zookeeper to athlete, these characters are perfect for dollhouses, wooden play sets and train tracks, or all on their own.

Cut from solid wood, each Little Professional stands about 3 inches tall and 1 inch wide, and features bright, long-lasting screen-printed colors. Our wooden figures also feature securely-fastened backstops, which keeps them standing tall during play! Each Little Professional's career is clearly labeled on their back and bottom for quick identification.

Included in every pack of Little Professionals is a helpful info sheet that encourages open-ended play and role-playing. Not only does each Little Professional have a name, like Mary the Mayor or Forrest the Firefighter, but they each have a short biography that reveals a little bit about what makes them tick! Lots of great details for aspiring storytellers! In addition, every info sheet includes 4 suggested Ways to Play to support your child's learning.

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