Little City Match 'n Stack Nesting Blocks

$ 53.46

It's Time to Get Building!

Stack up these colorful nesting blocks to build your own little city! Will it be tall and towering, or vast and sprawling? You'll find a recycling post, a hospital, a school, and police and fire stations to keep everybody safe. Don't forget to keep traffic moving by parking each vehicle in its matching garage! Do you know where the ambulance or school bus might belong? When you're all done, knock it down and build it again!

Why knew that nesting blocks would provide an easy and fun path into early learning? This playset is perfect for mastering basic concepts like numbers, colors and counting. Includes five sturdy and colorful cardboard nesting boxes and five wooden vehicles to match. Made with cuts of natural wood and finished with safe, water-based paints.

Why You'll Love It

There are so many ways to play with this set. Stack these nesting blocks high and place each car in their home or build out your own city setting to drive your cars around! If you're a parent, test your child and see if they can name all the cars and have them make their noises. When your day at the city comes to an end, simply stack the boxes back together until tomorrow!

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