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Paws-itively Exciting Action!

Oh no! The cat's stuck up in the tree, and the firefighter can't get him down! It's a catastrophe! Grab your handy pole and carefully push out the tree's pegs to help lower the feisty feline back down to Earth. But be careful: don't let kitty fall, or you lose! Think of it like Humpty Dumpty: don't let him fall off the wall! Each game of Cat-tastrophe! includes 53 colored pegs (which store neatly in an included cloth storage bag), a wooden frame to build the tree, 1 kitty cat, a dowel to poke out the pegs, and an instructions booklet with 2 ways to play for extra fun!

Why You'll Love It:

Cat-tastrophe! is a fun dexterity challenge that supercharges fine motor skills and critical thinking capacity. Sure, as a family game it's great for 2-4 players, but it's even an exciting challenge for one. And, unlike other kids board games that use plastic parts, Cat-tastrophe! is cut from natural wood and finished with safe, water-based paint. It's traditional fun with a modern twist! Inside the instructions booklet you'll find rules for playing classic Cat-tastrophe!, modifications for young children (or parents!) who need a little extra help, and a special alternate game that's played for points. It's great for Cat-tastrophe pros who want a little extra risk in exchange for bigger rewards.

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