Lift & Look Magnetic Space Adventure

$ 39.56

Embark on a grand space adventure!

Hold your magnetic "Gravity Rod" over the board until you snap up your catch! Give it a lift, and see what you caught! Was it a satellite, an astronaut, or a spaceship from another galaxy? For more fun, make it a game! Close your eyes, and take turns snatching up pieces. Peek underneath to see how many points your catch scored. Or, if you're an extra-good catcher, try to fit the piece back into its place after you've lifted it up. It's not as easy as it looks!

Why You'll Love It:

Lift & Looks are a fun way to learn the names of extra-cool, extra-terrestrial space objects, practice arithmetic, and supercharge dexterity and fine motor skills. When your magnet snags some space gear, it makes an exciting SNAP as it jumps up to your wand! Better yet, two gravity rods are included with every game, so they make a great game for two.

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