Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Cards

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We're Going on a Scavenger Hunt!

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt is a classic game for 1-6 players of all ages. Includes two decks of 50 cards, a Highway trip deck and a City Suburbs trip deck. Choose the one that fits your road trip the best! With two quick and simple ways to play, all you need is a player or helpful adult to get started. Pretty soon "are we there yet?" will sound a bit more like "can we drive a little longer?"

3 Levels of Difficulty

Each card features an illustrated icon, a corresponding name for the object below it, and a difficulty level. Looking to simplify your deck for younger children? These cards have color-coded difficulty levels: Easy (Green), Medium (Yellow), and Hard (Red). Need a harder challenge for older kids and adults? Mix both decks and see if you can find them all!

Includes the Highway Deck

There's so much to see along the highway! This is a deck of 50 cards made for the hustle and bustle of an interstate road trip. Things you might see: a bridge, rest area, or semi-truck.

Includes the City & Suburbs Deck

There's so much to see in the city! This is a deck of 50 cards for exciting trips around a city, metropolitan, or suburban area. Things you might see: a coffee shop, city park, or bus.

Why You'll Love It

Nothing is greater than an old-fashioned road trip with the family, but being inside of a car for hours at a time can make children and some adults a little grumpy. This game is made to keep everyone happy and engaged in the ultimate hunt for the whole ride! Best yet, this is unplugged fun. No cords, no cables or batteries needed. Whether you're taking a day trip to the city, driving around town or heading across America, this will keep everyone occupied with ease. An excellent stocking stuffer for Christmas or spring break/summer break gift to the whole family ahead of a car trip.

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