$ 24.00
  • Weight: 1 lb

  • Height: 3”


LED light/USB cord and care instructions included.


There’s nothing like the ocean breeze to invigorate your mind while soothing your body. Now you can have that same refreshing feeling while you are in your living space or office with Amber Globe USB Light. The ionizing air released by each salt light oxygenates your walled-off room recreating that beach experience wherever you are.

Each salt product is hand-carved by skilled artisans at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains from a pure, solid salt crystal that has been resting untouched for millions of years. You can rest assured that all our salt products represent the highest standard in fair trade agreement so our craftsmen thrive while you better your environment.

Computers and wireless devices emit unhealthy radiation. Our Amber Globe USB Light helps to counter the electromagnetic field, all while ionizing the air in your small walled-off space. This light makes a great gift for any traveler or student.

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