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Weight: 8-10 lbs

Height: up to 6.5″

Ion Radius: Approx 5′

Wood base, UL tested Dimmer cord,  15 watt bulb, and care instructions included.


Salt Lights come in a variety of colors: white to give you a boost of healing energy, amber to soothe and focus your mind, or grey for a dim light that is perfect for calming the mind for a deeper, more restful sleep. Regardless, all our salt lights will release the negative ions that are sure to provide lasting benefits for years to come.

Each salt light is hand-carved at the base of the Himalayan Mountains by our team of skilled artisans from pure, untouched solid salt crystal that has lay there for millions of years. When we breathe in the air, we are literally breathing in the ions from a time before humanity walked the earth. All products represent the highest standard in fair trade agreements, thus you can rest assured that you are bettering the lives of the artists while improving your own life as well.

The globe is a divine form, representing a point of unity. It’s center most point is equidistant from all surface points. Elegant yet simple, this sphere will ground you while providing an aesthetically pleasing form. Let the ionized air released by our Amber Globe Salt Light transform your living space or office. Each globe comes with a wooden base and is available in Amber, White, and Grey.


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