Heat Sensitive On This Day Calendar

$ 26.91

Heat Sensitive On This Day Calendar

Size: 90*36*0.1cm

Single cylinder volume:44.5*5.5cm

Single cylinder weight:0.18kg


On This Day Calendar, each day is represented by a diamond which is heat sensitive,so when you touch it, the black cover completely disappears and reveal a fact about something historical that happened at that very day. When the residual heat is gone, the diamond will become black again. In addition, there are some space around the black diamonds where you can write down your appointments or diary with a dry erasable marker pen (not included.)

For example, do you know that on the 27th of January, 1880 Thomas Edison invented the light bulb?

On This Day Calendar is a perpetual one so it'll last indefinitely.

It&rsquos a perfect gift throughout the year!.. and for years to come!

On This Calendar was listed at one of the TOP 50 popular Christmas gifts in 2003. Also, it was chosen as one of the TOP 10 coolest calendars.


On This Day Calendar includes 365 facts, for example:

August 12, 1851 Isaac Singer, an American inventor, patents the sewing machine.

December 10, 1901 The First Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm Sweden.

May 22, 1906 The Wright Brothers are granted a Patent for their "Flying Machine."

August 6, 1926 Houdini performs his greatest feat, spending 91 minutes underwater in a sealed tank before escaping.