Hario Siphon Coffee Vaccume Brewers

$ 107.80




4 pounds / 35.6 x 10.2 x 10.2 cm

Including :

  1. User Manual

  2. Upper Bowl with Rubber gasket (heatproof thermal difference 120'C)

  3. cover and upper bowl stand

  4. Filter

  5. Measuring spoon (1 spoon = 10-12g)

  6. Lower bowl (heatproof thermal difference 150'C)

  7. Stand & Fastener

  8. Alcohol Lamp 
    - Alcohol Lamp holder
    - Alcohol Burner
    - Windbreak
    - Burner cover

Please read below manual completely before using the Coffee Syphon for the first time. It is important that you follow all of the guidelines and take the utmost care to avoid any harm due to improper handling.


How to make (read before use):

- Before the first use, please boil the cloth filter in hot water and soak it in the cold water to remove the heat.

- Be certain to attach the lower bowl firmly to the stand by tightening the fastener completely.

- Do not attache the upper bowl before the water begins to boil. If lukewarm water is syphoned into the water begins to boil. If lukewarm water is syphoned into the water pipe, it may ruin the pot of coffee.

  1. Pour water or hot water into the lower bowl to the desired level (120ml per cup).

  2. Adjust the wick of the alcohol burner to about 3mm and place the burner directly under the lower bowl.

  3. Light the burner , make sure that the flame hits the center of the bowl bottom.

  4. Attach the filter to the upper glass bowl stem.

  5. Measure the coffee using the measuring spoon and place inside the upper bowl.
    - one spoonful coffee (10g) is enough for one cup of coffee. Add/ Reduce the amount of coffee depending on the strength desired.

  6. Position the upper bowl at a tilt on the lower bowl before boiling.

  7. When water starts boiling, put the upper bowl in by pressing lightly, without forcing. The air expanded by the hear causes the water to rise in the upper bowl.

  8. When water from the lower bowl rises to the upper bowl, with the spoon handle to mix lightly, heat for about 1 minute. (Since the lower bowl will then be almost empty, take extreme care NOT to overheat.)

  9. Move the stand away from the burner and extinguish the flame by placing lid on the burner.

  10. Wait for coffee to drip naturally into the lower bowl. (Do NOT move the burner without extinguishing the flame.)

  11. Remove the upper bowl by gently rocking back and forth, then place it on the stand.

  12. You now have a perfect pot of coffee to be served straight the cup.


Tips for tasty, aromatic coffee

  • Clean the Coffee Syphon thoroughly and regularly and wash before every use.

  • Grind coffee beans to medium-grain size for syphon use (not too fine).

  • Buy freshly ground coffee. (Please store it in an airtight container.) When using the syphon method, approximately 10g of coffee and 120ml water produce 100ml of coffee.

  • Warm the coffee cup(s) in he hot water while making the coffee.


Classification: Syphon Pot
Number of Users: 5
Specification: 350ml
Coffee & Tea Tools Type: Percolators
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Certification: CE / EU
Capacity: 401-500ml
Metal Type: Stainless Steel

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