Emeril's Home Style Marinara Pasta Sauce (6x25 Oz)

$ 27.45
Save on Emerils Home Style Marinara Pasta Sauce (6x25 Oz). Hey we're not building rocket ships here. Just making the best marinara sauce I know how. Cooked up the way Hilda taught me [Hi, Hilda]. It's rich, smooth with real deep flavor. Believe me my Home style Marinara is the best friend your pasta ever had. These sauces feature new mellower recipes than my original line. They're made with premium tomatoes, garlic and onions and a perfectly balanced blend of seasonings. I'm proud of these new recipes, and you'll be proud to serve them to your family. There's no better sauce in a jar. .
Specialty Dietary Needs : Gluten Free, Kosher

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