$ 59.00
  • Weight: 10-12 lbs
  • Height: up to 6″
  • Length: up to 10″
  • Ion Radius: Approx 9′



LED light/USB cord and care instructions included.


Nothing can clear the mind and stimulate the body like a soothing walk on the beach. Well now you can have that same feeling in your walled-off living space with So Well’s Amber Raw Salt Light. Our salt lights ionize the air around you, oxygenating it to relax your body while focusing your mind.

Each salt product is made by dedicated craftsmen at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains from one pure, solid salt crystal. Our Amber Raw Salt Light is a unique piece that is crafted from an un-carved piece of salt—the unique crystal form just as it was mined from the mountain, untouched for 250 million years. You can rest easy knowing that this product, like all of products, represent the highest standard in international fair trade agreement, so the workers and their families thrive while you better your living space or office.

Begin to live a cleaner, healthier life while our Amber Raw Salt Light surrounds you with negative ions. Display them in various nooks, floor corners, counter tops, or any available surface area. Available in Amber, White, and Grey.

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