China Sea: Maifun Rice Stick, 6 Oz

$ 2.99
FRYING RICE NOODLES: Cleanse the rice noodles with water, then put them into a bamboo basket. To cook rice noodles 150g (for two persons), you ave fry to cabbage, carrot, shrimp, scallop, seasonal vegetables with two spoons lard or salad oil, then cut one bowl of water on it to cook, after it is fried. Put the cleansed rice noodles into the cooking pot to fry to a properly dry condition is available. COOKING RICE NOODLES: The same method as that of frying rice noodles, but you have to add more water to cook. When the soup is boiling, put the cleansed rice noodles into the pot to cook for one or one and half minutes if available.

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