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This handmade bowl by NADesign fits in perfectly with any style home décor, especially one with a more modern vibe.

Brand NADesign
Material Ceramics, wood
Size 33 cm or 13 in
Off white/beige

Actual colors may vary slightly from images due to computer settings and/or the unique nature of our products.

A glossy interior pairs well with the matte exterior finish, giving this bowl a truly unique look and feel. Every aspect of this ceramic bowl is handmade. Artists begin by pouring liquid clay into the custom mold and end with a glaze that is applied by hand to every piece. This modern bowl measures 33 cm or 13 inches and features a ceramic bowl base with three wooden legs to add height and added interest and style.

When you purchase a NADesign product, you know that you’re investing in something that’s truly one of a kind. This bowl is perfect for a variety of home décor styles. The neutral cream color pairs well with earthy tones, but also looks lovely with the addition of vibrant accents.

Which of these uses is perfect for our home?

  • Fill this ceramic bowl with an assortment of holiday wreath cuttings, candles, or flowers for a dining room table centerpiece that stands out
  • Use in your kitchen to hold fresh fruit or vegetables in style
  • Organize your collection of face masks, bath products, and lotions in your bathroom
  • Fill with different types of candy and place in an office reception area

These handmade bowls have been designed and made in the Netherlands. This product is NOT watertight or dishwasher safe.

Take home this modern bowl now and see how many uses for it you can find in your home!

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