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Out of stock  until further notice Weight: 4 lbs Height: 4″ Ion Radius: Approx 3′ UL tested On/Off cord,  15 watt bulb, and care instructions included. HOW TO USE
Amber Aroma Salt Light works by adding water or a simple carrier oil, and then adding your favorite essential oils. Leaving this oil for roughly 4-6 hours will diffuse the scent. Don’t forget to remove the glass plate when oils are not being used.

Amber Aroma Salt Light can help you turn your walled-off living space into a soothing yet invigorating walk on the beach.

The ionizing, oxygen-rich air released by Amber Aroma Salt Lights have been shown to relax the mind while charging the body so that you are energized in a natural way throughout your whole day. Let the healing power of the negative ions that are released replenish you, and discover a whole new lifestyle. Try our other scented Aroma Salt Lights as well.

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