$ 64.00

Weight: 10-12 lbs

Height: up to 6″

Length: up to 10″

Ion Radius: Approx 9′


UL tested Dimmer cord,  15 watt bulb, and care instructions included.


There’s nothing quite like a peaceful soothing walk on the beach to calm and focus your mind, while invigorating your body. Now you can have that same feeling when you’re in your office or living space. Realize for yourself the benefits as your Himalayan salt light released negative ions into the surrounding air.

All salt products are mined by dedicated workers from a majestic, ancient seabed that has lain untouched for 250 million years. Rest assured that each of them benefits from every purchase, because all products represent the highest standard in international fair trade agreements.

Each White Raw Salt Light is an individual, unique piece of unshaped raw salt crystal. This salt light will bathe your living space or office in a brilliant, yet subtle, white glow, accenting your décor and creating a fantastic conversation piece. Feel the healing power of the oxygen-rich, ionized air which boosts the immune system, increases respiration, focuses the mind, and allows for a deeper night’s sleep.

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