Zen WaterBoard Mini Japanese Garden

$ 98.70

It is a WaterBoard where the ripple was designed like the water surface where the drop fell. If you pour the water and use the plant, you can enjoy it like a pond. It is a Waterbase like condensation of the world view of the Japanese garden into a small space. It is easy to use simply by inserting the plant into the Kendo of the hollow. It produces a wonderful space even if it uses only one wheel. It is suitable for living room, kitchen and entrance, as well as Japanese style arrangement. Because it is made of aluminum, it is light and strong, and it is recommended for the gift of the new construction, the gift of the transfer celebration, the gift and the gift. Naft Hikaru hieroglypho black nugget Waterproof Black nugget Waterproof Black Nutt black ink silver mask Description: Hikaru Category: flower arrangement, flower arrangement, flower arrangement, flower arrangement, flower arrangement, color, color, color, color, color, color, color, color, color, color, texture, texture, quality, and texture Product description. Please use the following for long use. If not in use, please wipe off the water and remove the moisture from the soft cloth. When dirt is severe, remove dirt from the dilute dirt detergent, and remove the moisture thoroughly. Do not use metal brush, steel wool, thinner, benzine, etc. Attention * water board is made of aluminum casting. There may be a very small cavity or protrusions on the surface, but this is not a bad thing. Features of sand mold casting. * Please choose a horizontal and safe place. * the actual color may not be reproduced in the display environment. The naft (NFT) item list is a black ink and silver ningu water drop drop from this time. Click on the icon for details!

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