Handmade Gold Japanese Earring "Rin"

$ 57.00

Cut and drop pierced earrings with a single saw. Brass (pierced hook made of titanium) is about 20 mm x 20 mm in size. This product is only one earring. Brass / brass is gradually oxidized in the air and covered with a film of copper oxide. If you wear a brass accessory, the color is thin and adheres to your skin, but it does not harm your body. If it becomes concerned, please remove dirt with soap. The shipment of goods is about 10 days from the receipt. Please understand it as a one point thing that the color and the shape are slightly different for each work because all work is done manually. Please be sure to confirm the size and material of the work. The color may be different on the screen. Please understand beforehand.

Estimated delivery time: 7-20 days

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